Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance Program

Infinity is committed to providing the highest-quality deliverables to the NAVSEA ordering agencies. The overall goal of our quality assurance program is to enhance operational results using Employee Performance Management (EPM) techniques. We achieve success by coupling EPM with ISO9001:2000 Quality Management techniques.

Our goal is to establish a Quality Culture using EPM techniques that not only result in better quality and reliable service-delivery, but also reduce employee turnover and produce a consistent retention level. It has been our experience that using EPM techniques as the driving force for service-delivery provides the means for job satisfaction, process improvements, customer satisfaction, and quality control.

The QAP applies to the complete project team, including the PMO (i.e., project management, corporate accounting, facility security, human resources, subcontractor) and TO personnel executing the objectives of a contract. It covers EPM at three levels:

  • Level I – Task Order Management
  • Level II – Project Management
  • Level III – Contract Management

Quality Objectives

Infinity’s quality objectives support performance objectives for the provisioning of human capital to multiple locations using an ID/IQ process. We will establish quality objectives that are appropriately mapped to the required tasking for each labor category. The quality objectives that we will work towards while supporting Seaport-e are to:

  • Deliver labor-hour services that meet customer needs and business objectives
  • Deliver human capital that meet or exceed the minimum requirements for each position in each location
  • Empower project personnel to take responsibility for the quality of their services>
  • Prevent and resolve problems by implementing effective work processes
  • Promote continuous improvement in work processes to improve quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness
  • Improve the efficiency of processes and their supporting tools, techniques, standards, and procedures

All project personnel are responsible for supporting the objectives while performing assigned duties. Each position description will contain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tailored to the specific task order and location. Infinity’s Program Manager is responsible for monitoring performance against the objectives and for supporting personnel in meeting the objectives.

Quality Control Improvement Procedures

Continuous process improvement can only occur within an organization where a framework is established for identifying areas where improvements can be realized, and by empowering responsible personnel to identify time and labor saving suggestions. The steps implemented by Infinity to foster a self-improvement atmosphere follow ISO9001:2000 processes and include but are not limited to:

  • Feedback Monitoring
  • Identifying and Implementing Changes in the Workload, Technology, Tools, and Regulations
  • Employee training (relating to specific tools, technologies, processes and procedures) and education (relating to continued professional development) that will enhance the employee’s ability to perform within the scope of their specific assignment